4 Major Duties of Real Estate Agents

4 Major Duties of Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you have many obligations, but the following are particularly important. They relate to Fiduciary Duty, Meetings, Negotiations, Advising clients, and Keeping Client Funds Safe. These are all incredibly important aspects of the job, and you should make sure you fulfill them fully. Read on to find out more about each of them. There are many others. Here is a brief overview of each one. First, they help you buy and rent properties. They make marketing strategies if you are looking for lands for sale in UAE.

Fiduciary duty

The Fiduciary Duty of Real Estate Agents is a legal obligation of a real estate agent to act in the client’s best interest. The agents should adhere to the client’s wishes as closely as possible while at the same time meeting the legal obligations. However, some agents may not live up to this duty. A disorganized real estate agent may be less than ethical, and their behavior could put the client’s best interests at risk.


The role of meetings is an important one for real estate agents. They provide the opportunity to network, share wins and failures, and develop their business. Meetings can be a great way to motivate agents to work harder and achieve greater goals. These meetings should be well-planned and planned for weeks. A thoughtful preparation allows agents to invite guests, analyze statistics, develop topics, and create content. A meeting should be both informative and entertaining.


If you’re a buyer, you have the power to negotiate. The real estate market plays a huge role in determining your negotiating power. Individual circumstances also play a role. Homeowner A has just received a new job out of state and plans to move in a month. She wants to use the equity from her sale to buy a home in her new state. Homeowner B is contemplating moving into a condo and wants to sell her home in a few years. You can’t just go to the bank and make a quick offer.

Advising clients

While the role of a real estate agent is to act as the buyer’s advocate, other duties may not be so obvious. As a fiduciary, the agent must be responsible for the client’s funds. Agents should not use the money entrusted to them for personal purposes. They must use their knowledge to the greatest benefit of the client and maintain client confidentiality.